Evangelist Dorsey Ross

  • 11:00 AM
  • 2261 Shippen Dam Road Millersburg
  • 717-692-3904

Growing up Dorsey has been through a lot, from being born with a congenital disability to going through sixty-eight operations. He has sometimes asked the question of why. Why if God is a loving and caring God, would God allow him to be born with a disability. Dorsey was never angry at God, nor was he bitter against God. Dorsey has come up with a great theological answer as to why he was born this way. His response, he doesn’t know. Dorsey may not fully understand why God would allow him to be born the way that he was. He does realize that God has a great plan and purpose for his life. Dorsey wants to inspire others that regardless of his disability if God can use him, he can use anyone.

Dorsey has seen God’s faithfulness through extreme suffering. He would love to encourage your church with his message of hope. Email him at revdross@gmail.com.