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Dear Church Family,

Resurrection Day Greetings!

We have been going through tremendous difficulty, both in our country and around the world, due to Covid-19 or Coronavirus. Many businesses are shut down as well as numerous cancellations and postponements of events we took for granted only a few short weeks ago.

Yet, let me remind you today that Easter is NOT CANCELED! Indeed, we may celebrate the Resurrection a bit differently this year than we ever have. Still, I believe because Jesus rose from the grave, we have tremendous hope for today, tomorrow, and all eternity!

On Easter Sunday, we will meet for our fourth "Drive-In Church Service"! So many of you who aren't necessarily equipped for the online broadcast have already expressed what a blessing these services have been. While we are thankful for online broadcast which we will do on Easter Sunday, it goes without saying that the distractions of that alone are interesting, to say the least!

We will have two services on Sunday. One at 8:30 AM, and one at 10:30 AM with the only LIVE Internet Broadcast being held at 10:30.

As I write this letter on Saturday, April 11th, I'm watching a stream of traffic coming into our Bread of Life Food Ministry to be blessed with food. Since this has been a ministry in place for over 20 years, there was no "panic setup" to get in place to help people now. Just a few modifications, and off they go!

On Wednesday evenings, our team has been delivering food to both our Senior Citizens who express the desire to receive a meal, as well as the kids who usually would come on Wednesdays.

Pastor Dave and Pastor Justin have both held great online events for the Children and Young People, yesterday, I was happy to present a Good Friday service online at 3 PM via Facebook.

Quite honestly, we have been sharing the Word with more people than ever before on a weekly basis via online and on-site ministry.

Lastly, I want to express my deepest appreciation for this church family. Those of you who hold a job have been so faithful in your tithes and offerings. The other day, there was a pile of envelopes that had been mailed in with what I assume were checks for the offering. We have not had to make an appeal at all as I realize once again that "givers will be givers". While this has not been possible for everyone due to employment issues, we are believing God will open great doors of employment after this event passes.

Easter is NOT canceled, and neither is the consistent ministry outreach of Millersburg Assembly of God!

Join us on Easter Sunday, and why not come "honk your amen" at Drive-In Church on Sundays until we gather again in the Sanctuary?

He's Alive and Well!
Pastor Norman Lawrence
Millersburg Assembly of God