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March 17th, 2020

Dear Church Family,

As we shared previously, this situation is quite fluid and we are trying our best to work on a plan as we move forward over the next days, weeks or months?

While we could become distressed about what we are going through, we can also view it as an opportunity for God to show up powerfully through His people.

While we technically "could" gather like we did this past Sunday, we want to be good neighbors and do our best to "flatten the curve" of this infection taking place. While we all have opinions on what is happening, let's just take the "lemons" we've been given, and make some amazing "lemonade"!

Many have been asking what the plan is and while we have a plan we've developed, there is always the real possibility it will be modified, but for now, here it is:

1. WEDNESDAY EVENINGS (Events are Cancelled)
All functions on Wednesdays will cease for the time being, including Royal Rangers, MPact Girls Clubs, PULSE Youth and Bible Study.

2. SUNDAY MORNINGS (Drive-In Church)
After looking at various options, we've decided our best approach will be to have "Drive-In Church Services" on Sunday mornings at our regular time of 10:30 AM. While there is always a chance for colder weather, things continue to be on the mild side.

- Cars will be parked basically in an oval shape, facing toward the carport. Parking attendants will assist in finding a parking place as you arrive. The carport will function as the "platform area" where the worship team, announcements, and message will be shared. We hope to have an FM transmitter by Sunday (thanks Bob Stoner for the great idea), and much like a drive-in theater, you will tune your station to a channel we will inform you about. There will be transmission limits as far as distance to stay within guidelines.

- In addition, we will be LIVE Broadcasting the service as usual so whether you feel more comfortable being at home, or want to join us in the parking lot, it's totally up to you. We would ask though, if you would be sure to share the link with others who may want to watch. Broadcasting will happen on our Facebook page at and on our website at

- Pastor Dave is presently working on a YouTube Channel for the Children and will be sharing more information on it. It sounds very exciting and something which will most likely be available when things get back to normal.  You may see this channel here: Children's Channel by Pastor Dave

- More instructions will be available in our bulletin as you arrive at the parking lot on Sunday Morning.

3. THROUGHOUT THE WEEK (We are Here for You)
For the most part, staff will be available at the church during the usual hours, so if you have a need, please don't hesitate to call the church at 717-692-3904. We want to do our best to be available for ministry within safety guidelines of course.

We are looking for ways to be a blessing to our church community as well. If you are able to assist in some way, please just send an email to or respond to this post.

Possible ideas are: Younger Generation could volunteer to do some Grocery shopping or Prescription pickup for those who are older.

Send an email to if you are interested in leading this, or participating in some form of ministry outreach.

We are primarily looking to be a blessing to those of our own church family first.

We appreciate your prayers during this challenging time. We know God can take all of this and the "church can be the church" living out our faith before a world that needs to see hope.

May God richly bless you!
Pastor Lawrence, Pastors, Staff and Deacons
Millersburg Assembly of God